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The EUFASD conferences bring together academics, educators, non-governmental organisations and charities, legislators and politicians, lawyers and individuals involved in the criminal justice system, birth and adoptive families alongside individuals who themselves have FASD; shared learning will help promote the understanding of this disorder in Germany, Europe and internationally. The conference will cover a wide range of topics including prevention, social determinants, diagnosis, epigenetics, psychological profiles, behavioural management, education, prevalence, family support, criminal justice system difficulties, social care needs, practical management, pharmacology and other cutting-edge research that may be submitted or invited. This is not an exhaustive list and will grow depending on submitted abstracts.

This conference is co-organized by the EUFASD Alliance and FASD Deutschland. Since 1999, FASD Deutschland (then known as FASworld) has organized 18 national conferences on FASD. The number of conference attendees has dramatically risen--from 60 in Berlin 2002 to almost 400 registered for the conference in Hamburg 2017. The number of members has also steadily increased reflecting the need for support for those whose lives are affected by FASD. FASD Deutschland is an NGO that promotes education and awareness on FASD and also provides information and training for both families and professionals. A closed online parent support group and 23 regional groups scattered around Germany help the organization to reach as many people as possible.

We cordially invite you to EUFASD 2018 in Berlin.
Gisela Michalowski
Conference Chairperson



Mirjam Landgraf, Germany, Chair
Ilona Autti-Ramö, Finland
Teodora Ciolompea, Romania
Leopold Curfs, Netherlands
Oscar Garcia-Algar, Spain
Florian Heinen, Germany
Gro Løhaugen, Norway


Alison Frieling
Sandra Kramme
Karsten Wessing
Gerhild Landeck
Katrin Lepke
Ute Spreyer
Yvonne Stratmann
Annika Thomsen
Dette Eckelt
Frank Kramme
Jochi Landeck
Mario Lepke
Beate Wessing